Hebrew school

Leslie Lieman, Education Director

Hebrew School Calendar 2006 – 2007

About Mishkan Ha’am Hebrew School:

The Mishkan Ha’am Hebrew School is rooted in a vibrant group of families from Riverdale through towns along the Hudson River (from Yonkers up to Irvington) who are interested in an innovative approach to Jewish education and community. Our school supports our families’ desires to raise their children with a deep appreciation, understanding, and excitement for Jewish life in its various manifestations – cultural, religious, and communal. In building our Hebrew School community, we strive to create a climate of acceptance and security, where all questions are honored and each child is appreciated.

Through storytelling, games, crafts, role-playing, movie-making and discussion, our students learn about the Jewish holidays and history; Jewish values and ethics through mitzvot (good deeds), tzedakah (acts of charity) and tikkun olam (repairing/taking care of our world and global community); Starting in Kitah Bet, w e introduce both modern and prayer Hebrew and work towards discussing and “grappling with” the Torah and related stories/text/prayer in ways that are relevant to our lives today. To welcome a diverse range of students, our classes are designed to meet the various needs and abilities of each individual as well as the group. So although there is a general blueprint for our curriculum, it also evolves based on the experiences and skills of our students and teachers.

Under the leadership of Leslie Lieman, our dynamic education director, we also draw on the educational resources of the Reconstructionist Movement, as well as the priorities of our member families. In general, Hebrew language instruction, Jewish culture/history, and ethics receive equal emphasis. Our school currently serves an intimate community of children ranging in age from 1st to 7th grade.

· All classes are from 4-6pm at the Reformed Church, Hasting-on-Hudson.
· Please remember to send a snack with your child.
· You and your child(ren) are strongly encouraged to join in celebrating Shabbat with us on those Saturdays when we have a family service.

About the Mishkan Ha’am Hebrew School calendar:

The Hebrew School calendar is based on the Jewish holiday calendar, the schedules of several different school districts as well as public and private school calendars.

Hebrew School starts on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 and runs 30 sessions through Wednesday, May 16, 2007.

Kitah Aleph (1 st graders) – 10 days of Hebrew School, sessions are approximately once/month. The dates are determined by the holidays for 2006-2007.

Kitah Bet (2nd/3rd graders), Kitah Gimel (4/5th graders), Kitah Dalet (5th/6th/7th graders), 30 days of Hebrew School.

We also have very special B’nai Mitzvah/Parent groups!


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